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Third party libraries that pstoedit can use if available: LibEMF: Enhanced Metafile Library - pstoedit uses this library for creating WMF/EMF files under non-Windows systems. Libgd


Library for generating SWF files. Pstoedit uses the magick++ API of ImageMagick. Via this the whole bunch of different (mostly raster) backends of ImageMagick can be addressed. The libplotter is used in the drvlplot driver. Via this a lot of formats supported by the plotutils are available. Don't forget to enable libplotter when configuring the build of plotutils. Library for reading and writing PNG files for raster images The GNU plot library - used in the drvgnplt driver

Development related tools One of my favorite development tool. Checks for a lot of common programming errors and pitfalls without running any test case. Parasoft's product Insure++ has been used successfully for deep runtime error checking. The tool also supports a static checking option. Quite powerful and useful. An advanced static code analysis tool. Very precise analysis with very good hit rate. Many thanks to SCL ( for running Prevent on pstoedit (3 bugs were found - all corrected in pstoedit v 3.41). Another static code analysis similar to Coverity Prevent. pstoedit was analysed by Klocwork and some minor issues were found which all are corrected in version 3.43.
PVS Studio A quite new static analysis tool. Very nice and smooth integration with Visual Studio. Made some good proposals on how to improve pstoedit's code. Thanks for the free license for open source projects. A very useful package to write multiform manual pages. The source code of the manual is written in TeX and then can be translated to Unix style man pages or PostScript or HTML. The pstoedit man page is generated this way. My favorite Linux distribution. I use this for porting pstoedit to Linux.

Miscellaneous tools: GhostScript is the essential base for pstoedit. pstoedit delegates most parts of parsing PostScript and PDF to GhostScript. Theoretically pstoedit could use another PostScript interpreter as well but this was never tried in practice. Gsview is primarily a graphical frontent to GhostScript. But gsview also can call pstoedit via the "convert to vectors" menu Redmon redirects a printer port to a program. This can be used to install printer drivers for any format supported by pstoedit. Autotrace is a raster to vector translator. There exist bridges from the autotrace output to pstoedit to make all the pstoedit formats usable for autotrace as well. Paul Venour's tool for pstoedit based PDF to DXF conversion and insertion into an open AutoCad drawing without leaving AutoCad. Govert's Tools - graphical frontend to pstoedit for ps to dxf translation - Windows only. Mayura Draw is a nice drawing editor that can e.g. read AI files produced via pstoedit. Skencil (formerly Sketch) is a vector drawing package. pstoedit can create the input files for Skencil via the drvsk driver ivtools is a suite of  X Windows drawing editors for PostScript, TeX, and web graphics production, as well as an embeddable and extendable vector graphic shell . pstoedit can produce the input format for these tools. TGIF - Drawing Program for the X Window System. pstoedit can create the input files for Sketch via the drvtgif driver. Tgif's obj format was the first format supported by pstoedit. At that time it was called pstotgif. XFIG - Drawing Program for the X Window System. pstoedit can create the input files for xfig via the drvfig driver. WINFig - A structured drawing tool for Windows that can read and write Xfig files. Quite useful for my during testing the xfig backend of pstoedit.

Some links to further information/documentation about the file formats supported by pstoedit: SVG - scalable vector graphics A lot of format specifications can be found via this link FAQs about various file formats. Internet Resources for Postscript and GhostScript

Similar projects or commercial products: List of PostScript to other format converters List of other format to PostScript converters PostScript to SVG - based on GhostScript Convertps - commercial PostScript to other vector format converter. Commercial product. It converts postscript and EPS files into WMF, MIF, CGM, WPG, EPS, HPGL, PCL5, TIFF, GIF, EPSI, EPSF, and ASCII. Vectorize Now is a raster/bitmap to vector conversion service providing quality, affordable results. They provide PDF or PS as default output format but creation of other formats is also possible, e.g. via pstoedit.

Private relations: Project of my niece - in case you need some nice hand crafted bags.