Importps.dll is a PDF and PostScript import filter for Windows 9X/NT/2K/XP/Vista/7. This is not a stand-alone program that converts PDF or PostScript to Word or Powerpoint directly. Instead you can import a single page of a PostScript or PDF file as graphic "picture" into an opened Office document. Importps is based on pstoedit and supports the ALDUS (TM) filter interface. This filter can be used with Office 95/97/2000/XP/2007/2010, Photoline or any other product that support the ALDUS filter interface to import a single page of a .ps or .pdf document as an editable (vector) graphic.

Download the installation program for pstoedit:

Note: it is important to use the version which fits the installed version of Office. If you run Office in 32-bit mode in a 64-Windows - use the 32 bit version.

Note that without a valid key the colors will be changed and some "$" will be inserted into text fields. A key can be obtained via

An important prerequesite for using the import filter is that you have a complete installation of a PostScript interpreter. Importps works best together with GhostScript and GSView. Thanks for Peter and Russell for developing these two nice and powerful programs.

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